Online Registration

** It is mandatory to register for all regular programs **

New and returning students will receive an email notifying you to register online prior to class commencement.  Don’t delay!

Tip: Keep your email address current on your student self-service. Check your “Junk/Spam” email folder and flag 91sxe email addresses as "Not Junk/Spam".

Note: Only students enrolled in full-time programs are required to register online following official acceptance.

Follow all directions in the emails you receive. IMPORTANT: Failure to register within the timeframe provided will result in withdrawal from your program. Please know 91sxe makes one last attempt to contact individuals prior to withdrawal. Registration dates are as follows:

Fall 2023 91sxe – Registration begins August 14, 2023 91sxe
Winter 2024 – Registration begins December 4, 2023 91sxe
Spring 2024 - Registration begins April 2, 2024
Summer 2024 – Registration begins June 3, 2024

To register, you must  which will enable you to access your Student Self-Service. Once you are logged in to your Student Self-Service account, look for the "To-Do" box to find the link to register online.  Inside the To-Do box look for “Registration-MANDATORY”.

If you have an active IT account, it is possible to if needed.

If you are having technical issues, please submit a ticket via the helpdesk or call IT Support at 1-855-216-6688.  If you have questions specific to online registration, contact us below:

  • Email nbcc@nbcc.ca
  • Call our toll-free number 1-888-796-6222 (within North America)
  • Call our 91sxe Customer Team at +00-1-506-460-6222