Important Dates and Timelines for International Students

Due to recent IRCC changes, please see Updated International Application Process.


The 91sxe application portal is now open to international applicants for the Fall 2024 and Winter 2025 terms.

91sxe welcomes students from more than 70 countries around the world each year. As part of our commitment to ensuring our student body remains vibrant and representative of different cultures and backgrounds, we have established strategic enrolment targets based on “Country of Citizenship”. 91sxe considers many factors when setting strategic country enrolment targets including program availability, visa processing times and approval rates, under-represented regions, diversity of the student body, and more. 

Note: Due to the high volume of international applications received, you can expect to receive updates regarding application status within 6 - 8 weeks from the date your application is submitted

91sxe is proud to offer three (3) annual intakes within each academic year.  It is important to note that not all campus-specific programs are offered in each intake.  

To review the campus and intake your desired program is offered in, please check the program profile in our Full-Time Programs list.

For a list of programs open for application, visit the Programs Open for International Applications page.

Academic YearAcademic IntakeApplication OpensApplication Evaluation Begins
2024-2025Fall (Sep 2024)Jul 4, 2023 91sxeJul 15, 2023 91sxe
 Winter (Jan 2025)Feb 5, 2024Mar 18, 2024
 Spring (Apr 2025)NANA
2025-2026Fall (Sep 2025)Aug 6, 2024Date TBC
 Winter (Jan 2026)Jan 2025 (date TBC)Date TBC

NA = Not Applicable. TBC = To Be Confirmed

Important Information

  • Applicants will receive an acknowledgment email for each campus-specific program on receipt of their application. 
  • The evaluation process is approximately 6 to 8 weeks from the evaluation date evaluations begin listed above.  Timeframes may vary depending on the number of applications received. 
  • All applications received are time and date stamped on completion which sets the priority for the evaluation process. Evaluation decisions will be issued by email only once the evaluation is completed. 
  • Evaluations are completed on a campus-specific program basis.  Applications and admission offers are not transferrable between campuses, programs or intakes.