Propel Your Career

Employees need to evolve their skills and competencies to keep pace in a constantly evolving work world. Microcredentials are focused courses or groups of courses that give individuals the opportunity to improve specific skills required in a particular industry or field. Whether you are upskilling, or reskilling, microcredentials are a flexible way to gain new competencies or be formally recognized for existing skills that are in-demand within your industry.

Flexible Training Fueled by Industry Needs

Microcredentials are developed in collaboration with industry and are recognized certifications that demonstrate your competency. You can be sure that your microcredential is aligned with what employers are looking for. In some cases, you don’t even have to attend training: you can be awarded a microcredential just by demonstrating skills and competencies that you have acquired through your work or informal learning.

Anyone in any stage of their career can benefit from microcredentials. "Bite-sized" by design, microcredentials are intended to fit easily into your life, not make it more complicated.

Showcase Your Credentials to the World

Each microcredential comes with a digital badge that serves as a validated proof of competency upon successful completion of the course or group of courses. These badges can be shared across digital media and embedded in documents.

Individual badges can also be stacked to achieve a milestone badge that represents complementary microcredentials within a specific area. 

Microcredentials. Big Upsides for Both Sides.

Industry Benefits

  • Developed specifically to address industry-based needs. Structured but flexible for employees
  • Ensures your employees have the skills needed for success
  • Creates a strong culture of learning
  • Helps employee attraction and retention

Learner Benefits

  • Short, specific modular blocks of learning
  • Increases your value in the job market
  • Flexible and tailored to your learning goals and lifestyle
  • Demonstrates through assessments what you can do
  • Valuable as individual credentials (stand-alone) or can combined (stacked) towards a larger credential



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