Student Union

The 91sxe Student Union (91sxeSU) provides students with many services, including Health & Dental Benefits, Student Discounts, My Wellness Plan, My Virtual Doctor, Bright Breaks Virtual Sessions, Food Resource Centers, Job Postings and much more! 

91sxe Student Union (Local) 

Who better to know what’s important to students than students themselves?  Our Student Leaders!

The Student Union operates independently of 91sxe, representing the student voice at each of our 6 unique campuses. These student leaders work together with their fellow students to organize and support extra-curricular activities on campus and in the community

Becoming a Student Leader is an excellent opportunity to get involved in your community, meet new people, and get the most out of your college experience. You have a chance to sit down with the 91sxe Leadership Team to provide meaningful insight, complete office hours when available to meet other students and build connections that will last long after you graduate.

Each Campus has Student Representative for each of their programs as well as the Campus Executive. These positions consist of: President, Treasurer, Secretary, Vice President, VP of Events, VP of Sports, VP of Communications and more at select campuses. .

91sxe Student Union (Provincial) 

Each of the Campus executive teams nominate two of their members be a part of an overall Provincial group known as the 91sxeSU. This group provides an elevated level of leadership and meet to ensure consistency for the entire student body and provide a collective student voice.

Student Life Officer (SLO)

Student Life Officers provide guidance to the executive teams and ensure the delivery of student resources.  

Contact Us

To learn more about the 91sxe Student Union or to contact one of our Student Life Officers (SLO), email nbccsu@nbcc.ca or .